Here’s how to prevent spam on your WordPress website (+short video walkthrough)

Do you hate spam as much as I do? It’s bad enough getting email spam (though GMail does a GREAT job of blocking spam), but when spammers start attacking your blog, it’s really annoying.

Here is how to prevent spam on your WordPress website

There is a plugin called Akismet that is installed by default with your basic WordPress installation. It isn’t activated or set up though. That’s what you need to take care of. (And what I walk through in the video below.)

Here’s what it looks like in your plugins page. This one is already activated but you’ll basically see the same thing…

Akismet anti-spam WordPress plugin

Once Akismet finds some spam it will automatically put it in the spam folder. Then you can review the spam items – or not. I don’t because Akismet does a very good job and I’ve never seen a false-positive.

Here’s what a WordPress comment spam in the spam folder looks like…

WordPress spam prevented - Akismet

So here’s a walkthrough showing me turning this on for this site. The video is 5 minutes long so short and easy for you.

Now, go enjoy spam-free WordPress blogging!

Video Transcript

hey guys got our first spam today so this seemed like a really good time to do a short video on how to curve that if you have contact forms or if you’ve enabled comments on your blog posts sooner or later you’re going to get spam today we got some spam it was from some random person with a nonsensical reply to a blog post in the comments they’re hoping that I would approve that and that they would get a link back to their website that’s really a horrible way to build traffic to website Google doesn’t like it people don’t like it they don’t just randomly click on those links so there’s no need to actually do it I’m surprised people still do but they do so what we’re going to do is we’re going to activate a kismet which as far as I knows seems to be included with every installation of WordPress I’ve done so we’re going to go ahead and click on plugins here and you’ll notice it’s actually the only plug-in that is currently set up for the WP blog today com website I did not install this it was already installed with the default WordPress installation but it’s not activated as you’ll see so what we first need to do is go to the kismet website a Kay is MIT com website and we’re going to have to create an account so let’s kill some spam I’m going to do the basic the basic is nice because its name your price and you can actually name a price of zero if you want to to just get started all right now I’ll just check that okay user name care choose differently it’s just the name to me that wasn’t even available strange numbers no all right so for password I’m going to go ahead and pick strong password honestly I don’t even know what that password was that’s okay it’s a strong all right what do you want to pay let’s do Ciro dollars so not the first last name all right so here is our API key see it right there so just like it tells us we’re going to go to settings copy and the API key uses key and activate it so copy that key back to kismet activate Akismet and go ahead and do the settings paste in the key connect with API alright so we’ve got some basic settings here I don’t really care about the number of approved comments always put spam the spam folder for free view really I never look in the spam folder on the neither websites that I manage it does a really good job of making sure there’s fan but certainly you can leave the setting that’s the default in case you want to go through there to make sure that no non-spam accidentally got flagged as spam okay so we’re going to go ahead Save Changes and boom we’re done now when somebody leaves a comment or somebody fills out one of the contact forms on your website if you have contact form set up on your website Akismet it’s going to automatically go through some basic checks on those posts and determine which ones are span which ones aren’t spam the ones that are spam is going to automatically put them in a spam folder we don’t have any spam yet so we’re not going to see it but commas spam this is actually one of the spam ones that I did myself earlier so spam comments are also automatically going to show up in this spam folder and then they’ll delete after a period of time or you can delete them England trust me you want to go ahead and able this because it’s going to save you a whole lot of headache and hassle from going through and manually deleting spam if you do have comments enabled or a contact form spammers are definitely going to find you and it gets to be annoying really quickly

Brad Kingsley

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