Super-Easy WordPress Migrations

WordPress migrations can be a hassle. No doubt about it. Especially for someone who isn’t highly technical, the process can borderline on a nightmare.

But that’s now no longer a problem thanks to yet another new (and free) feature at my favorite WordPress web host.

Just one more reason I love SiteGround – they’re always innovating!

SiteGround has released a new tool, free for their clients, that will migrate a WordPress site from one location to another!

“This free and elegant solution makes it possible for anybody, regardless of technical skill, to manage their own site transfers.”

If you’ve been hesitant to move from your current WordPress host because of the hassle involved with manually migrating a site – hesitate no more! It’s time to get moving away from that old host that is too slow and likely over-charging for their services. Easily migrate to a fast, secure, affordable host and stop worrying about your site.

Curious of more reasons why I, an 18-year veteran of the industry, love SiteGround? Read my earlier post detailing some of the reasons.

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Happy hosting!


Brad Kingsley


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