How to set up a new site in Google Analytics (& video walkthrough)

Google Analytics is free – and awesome. Check out our previous post (and short video walkthrough) on Google Analytics if you aren’t familiar with it.

Once you set up a Google Analytics account, the next step is to add your site. It’s very easy to do but for someone unfamiliar with it, there can be a lot of fumbling around.

To help you minimize fumbling, I’ve created this short video walkthrough.

This is JUST on how to set up a new site in Google Analytics. After you set up the site you still need to enable tracking in your WordPress website.

Here’s the video walkthrough:

Again, here’s a demo of some of the coolest features of Google Analytics, and here is a walkthrough on how to set up WordPress to start tracking for you.

Happy blogging!

Video Transcript

I have different videos on what exactly is Google Analytics including a quick walkthrough of some of the most popular features and another video on how to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website for now though I’m going to assume that you went ahead and just signed up for a Google Analytics account and I’m going to walk through setting up a new site in Google Analytics have multiple sites already set up here in my Google Analytics account as you can see so under account we’re going to go in the drop-down and select create new account today we’re actually going to create an account for this blog this WordPress website that I’m building out as I’ve explained to some of you guys before I’m actually starting from scratch with this website there’s very little traffic there’s really minimal customization as I make these customizations I’m writing about them and doing little videos to help each of you understand how to go through the process of starting your own WordPress website and optimizing it customizing it making it you know more usable anyways so we’re going to go ahead and call this what this site is BPO up today same thing with the website name so for the URL again this was another video but I have opted to use HTTPS which is a secure connection for this website when you’re visiting this website if you’re not watching on YouTube and you’re actually using looking at the video through the website you’ll notice that you have a secure connection going on there I recommend it everybody go ahead and setup their secure connections right from the start go ahead and check out my other video how to enable the SSL HTTPS on your website for more information on that so I also don’t have www you can see in the demo there it says WWE website com just extra characters in my opinion so my preference and what I’ve set up for this site is just WP blog today dot-com select an industry I don’t know exactly how the industry would come to play I believe that gives you some additional demographic information because it will help match you against other people that select a similar category so for this website we’re going to do let’s see here internet Telecom timezone I’m actually in the eastern time zone so I’ll go ahead and select that data sharing I’m just going to go ahead and leave all of these defaults right now you can read through each one of those if you want to and uncheck some if you’re not comfortable with it you’ll notice that I have three accounts already the maximum is so I’ve got plenty more left this is going to be the fourth account that I set up in my Google Analytics account so we’re going to click get tracking ID read through the Terms of Service I’ve seen this so many times that I’m not going to bother with it go ahead and accept it this time as I have done in the past and then we have some detailed information about it so this is the tracking ID this is the information that the very specific code unique to this website that Google is going to use to track all of the traffic and all of the referrals all the search results for this website no data because it’s not actually enabled on the website just setting this up in Google Analytics doesn’t actually start tracking any data for you going to have to actually put some code into the website to make that happen another short video is available that I’m creating that it’s going to walk through how to put your tracking ID into WordPress nice and easy so that you can start tracking that information if you are not using WordPress or if you’re a coder wanted to really get into the nitty-gritty of things this is the specific code that needs to be put into the website I’ve got a very easy way for you to do that though so don’t don’t stress over doing that and that is it you can click through some of this other information but it’s really not necessary at this point in time so what’s going to be really important it’s just that tracking ID we’re going to go ahead and I’m going to copy that because I’m going to set that up over in the website very shortly check out the other video and how to set that up and web press excuse me in WordPress so you can start tracking your statistics it’s really easy see you there

Brad Kingsley

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