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Here’s a no-BS hosting recommendation from someone who spent 18 years as CEO of a multimillion dollar web hosting corporation. If you’re looking for the best hosting for WordPress, let me save you a ton of time! I blog using WordPress and have tested many WordPress web hosts to find the best. This article is about who I use for hosting my WordPress blogs, and who I honestly believe has the best WordPress hosting!

The BEST WordPress Web Host For Blogging

By the way, if you aren’t sure, let me tell you that WordPress blogging is awesome. It’s an excellent way to share thoughts and ideas. Blogging is also one of the best marketing options if you have a product or service that you’re selling. It’s also a great way to make money via affiliate marketing, advertising, and similar options.

Qualified To Pick The Best Hosting for WordPress?

I started a web hosting company in the 1990s and ran it for almost 20 years before another company acquired it. We managed thousands of sites for clients in 72 different countries!

My web hosting company had dozens of smart top-notch people supporting those clients’ websites. I made sure to stay current on technologies too. That way I was sure to understand the exact challenges. That of course helped me make the best decisions possible.

If you’re a geek you’ve heard of the MCSE and RHCSA industry certifications – I achieved them both. For non-geeks, know those require lots of experience and intense testing to achieve.

If you’re curious more about me, check out the About Me page on my personal blog.

What Makes The “Best” Hosting for WordPress?

Truth be told, what is “the best” in web hosting can vary.

If you’re running a database-driven online application your needs are going to be different from a local car shop that wants a single static web page.

Since I deal with WordPress daily – and you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting option – that’s where we’re going to focus.

Here’s a spoiler to save you some time: I use SiteGround as my WordPress host and I LOVE THEM. They have solid WordPress hosting available as low as $3.95 per month! That’s right – less than four dollars per month! It’s a steal for the level of service they provide.

Now that you know who I recommend, please continue reading to understand WHY I recommend them.

The 3 Top Areas That Make An Awesome WordPress Web Host:

SiteGround isn’t the first web host I used after selling my hosting company. It isn’t even the second I tried!

Man, finding a good web host was a painful process. And I want to help you avoid that pain!

BTW, why aren’t I hosting with the company I built then sold? Because while they do WordPress, they also do a TON more than is needed. Their focus is on larger higher-end clients who need services that 99% of WordPress don’t really need. Because of that, their prices are higher. It’s a good value for what they provide, but not what you (or I) need for our WordPress blog hosting.

What are the top 3 areas that matter most when choosing WordPress hosting for your blog?

1. Industry and Platform Knowledge

WordPress is based on two main technologies: PHP and MySQL. To be the best WordPress web host you need a team that thoroughly understands these technologies.

Not a high-level understanding, but a team that has done a ton of testing to really know the ins and outs of the platform.

SiteGround’s team KNOWS WordPress inside and out, and they’ve optimized their product for hosting WordPress. Trust me, this is a big deal. As I mentioned already, “the best” isn’t the same for everyone. This host is The Best for your WordPress blog.

Automation Makes It Easy

As an ex-hosting CEO, and now WordPress hosting client, I know how valuable automation is. It takes a LOT of work to build great tools, but once you do – wow! It’s great for the clients.

Getting set up with a new site at SiteGround takes about three clicks. And if you run into any trouble at all, they’ll even walk you through it.

Migration From Another Web Host Is Easy Too

As mentioned, this wasn’t my first WordPress host. (I wish I HAD chosen them first!) So I had to migrate a WordPress site from a different host to SiteGround.

Sound intimidating? It did to me too and I’ve been in the industry almost 20 years!

Guess what though -> If you contact SiteGround support they’ll actually migrate the site for you. They’ll do it fast, efficiently, and for no extra charge!

I let them know where I was moving from, what I needed, and boom! They took care of it all for me. It. Was. Awesome.

Point 2 continues below, but for those who are geeky curious about the best WordPress web host…

TECHNICAL STUFF (for those who care)

SiteGround doesn’t disclose detailed specifics of their solutions – few web hosts do. When you spend so much time testing and tweaking, you don’t want competitors to copy you and benefit from all the work you’ve done.

I can tell you that they’re running the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and NGINX on Linux. They also use industry standard caching to help improve the general performance of their clients’ WordPress blogs. Not only that but they’ve even written their own custom WordPress plugin that further enhances the performance of client WordPress blogs! Very nice!

These are a few additional items that contribute to SiteGround being the best hosting for WordPress.

2. Systems Uptime and Speed

There is WordPress hosting, and then there is good solid and fast WordPress hosting. And this is important criteria for choosing the best WordPress web host solution.

You probably haven’t thought about this (nor even really need to know) but there are LOTS of web sites on each web hosting server. Because of this the web host needs to take special precautions to make sure that one or two sites on a server don’t mess up every other site sharing the server.

I’ve seen a single mismanaged site wreak havoc on hundreds of other sites. It sucks.

That doesn’t need to happen though. A solid WordPress web host like SiteGround will have monitoring and tools in place to detect situations like this – and respond to keep things running smoothly.

If you haven’t already, click a couple of the links on this site (well, after you finish this post). Nice fast response and page loads, right? Now think about other web sites that you’ve visited. Especially Blogs. Not all of them load this quickly.

In fact, in a recent test comparing SiteGround to 12 top web hosting competitors, SiteGround’s page load speed was the fastest of the bunch!

Best WordPress Web Host | Hosting Review

The performance of my sites (yes, I run multiple WordPress blogs) on SiteGround’s servers has been excellent!

Because of faster page load speeds, that means your WordPress blog can handle more users than blogs running at slow web hosts. Check out this performance measure chart:

Best WordPress Web Host | Hosting Performance


3. Service and Support

OK. All sounds good, but what happens when… something happens?

Let’s face it – sooner or later you’ll need help with something.

It could be a change you made to your site is causing problems for you. Or maybe you’d like a hand to further optimize your WordPress blog. Perhaps you would like a professional opinion on the best plugin to handle some task.

This is where great web hosts really shine.

SiteGround has an average customer issue resolution time of only 5 minutes through their live chat system.

Don’t want to chat? No problem! They also have a ticketing system which boasts an average response of 8 minutes. And often the first response includes a solution!

I can’t stand a ton of back-and-forth trying to explain a situation to someone who doesn’t get it.

And I’ve never had that situation with SiteGround!

Their support team is available 24/7 through live chat, ticketing, or on the phone. And when you reach out to them you get a fast response. This is a big deal and one more reason they’re the best WordPress hosting option!

My most recent WordPress hosting experience before switching to SiteGround was horrible on support. Every time I contacted them on the phone I wound up waiting at least 20 minutes before speaking with someone. Then more often than not I had to be transferred to someone who could really help. Queue more waiting… Ugh!

The Best Hosting for WordPress

I really do believe that SiteGround is the best WordPress web host.

If you’re looking for solid WordPress hosting, look no further.

Save yourself the headache of using a different host, getting frustrated, then switching later.

You’ll see a lot of bloggers recommending a variety of web hosts. Why? Because the web hosts that pay the highest affiliate commissions tend to get the most press. Seriously. Many bloggers are only chasing dollars – without regard for your best interests. SiteGround doesn’t pay affiliates the most, but I recommend them anyway because they’re the best!

Having spent so much time in the industry, and still having a reputation and friends in the field, I’m giving a no-BS recommendation that SiteGround is the best WordPress web host.

And hey, if for some reason – for any reason at all – if you aren’t as in love with them as I am, they’ll give you your money back. They have a no-risk policy where you can request a refund within 30 days if you want.

So there’s nothing to lose.

Unless you choose a different host. Then you can lose your patience, your sanity, and a good bit of time and money.

Don’t make that mistake. Sign up with SiteGround now. You’ll thank me later.



The BEST WordPress Web Host For Blogging

Brad Kingsley


  1. Thank you for the article.

    basically, Hosting refers to where your lives on the internet. You wouldn’t move house without checking the property was affordable.
    Finding a hosting provider for your small business should be no different.

    • I’ve had great success with SiteGround – it is who I continue to use now, years after selling my own hosting company.

  2. Interesting post. It is quite an important aspect of website service and we should consider this while buying web hosting. Thanks for sharing a useful guide here with us.

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