Automatic Spelling and Grammar Checking in WordPress

I love Yoast SEO. But it doesn’t seem to love me. About 80% of the time it complains reminds me that my post doesn’t rank very well on readability. Copying and pasting text between WordPress and a third-party site is a hassle. Instead I’m looking for an automatic spelling and grammar checking solution that works directly with WordPress.

Automatic Spelling and Grammar Checking in WordPress

Enter Jetpack

Before writing this post, I didn’t have Jetpack installed. I just didn’t see the need. But today I found out that Jetpack has a feature to automatically check your spelling and grammar. So let’s check it out.

Installing Jetpack for WordPress

Like adding any plugin, start at your Plugins page. Choose Add New then search for “jetpack.” There is a good change it will be the first result – at least it was for me. If not, just look for “Jetpack by” and install it.

Jetpack plugin for WordPress

Wow. Over a million active installs. Nice!

After you install and Activate Jetpack it will show in the left-hand menu right under Dashboard.

BTW, if you don’t LOVE your WordPress host, I recommend checking out SiteGround. That’s who I use and they’re great. They will migrate your WordPress site for FREE and plans start under $4/month. For sure they offer the best WordPress hosting.

Getting Started with Jetpack

You need a account to use all the features of Jetpack. From the settings page it will prompt you to connect an existing account – or create a new one. It’s free and easy to do, so go ahead setting that up if you haven’t already.

Upon first use Jetpack will prompt you to enable their recommended features. That includes:

  • Sharing
  • Subscriptions
  • Gravatar Hovercards
  • Contact Form
  • Carousel
  • Likes
  • Tiled Galleries
  • Photon
  • Monitor
  • Related Posts
  • Single Sign On
  • and SEO Tools

You can turn any of these off later if you enable them now but change your mind.

Or you can click the (not very obvious) X in the top right-hand corner to close that recommendation prompt.

I chose to ignore that prompt without installing the above. They might all be awesome. I’m a fan of “more is less” though when possible. There is no reason for me to assume problems, but having excessive plugins has caused performance issues for me in the past.

Configure Spelling and Grammar Real Time Highlighting

To enable the spelling and grammar checking you don’t need to install anything. Great news, right?

Go to your Users menu then click your Profile. Scroll a little ways down the page and you’ll see that Jetpack added new settings.

Spelling Grammar Jetpack Plugin WordPress

I’m going to enable all of those options for now. If it becomes “too much” for me, I’ll start turning a few off. Apparently though I need a lot of help so I’d rather get excessive information than write poorly.

Don’t forget to click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page once you make changes.

Show the Spelling and Grammar Checks

I enabled these features, saved my profile, then decided to check out a post.

Wow, nothing at all underlined! I’ve written a perfect post so far! (It’s THIS post that I looked at.) OK. Fantasy time over. No way I wrote an error-free post.

Oh, you need to turn on the spelling and grammar feature.

Notice in your editor toolbar you not have an ABC plus checkmark.

Enable Spelling Grammar Jetpack WordPress plugin

Once I clicked that icon the automatic grammar and spelling feature turned itself on.

For example, just above this image I wrote “checkmark” but it’s underlined in red. When I click on the word it suggests “check mark” instead. Apparently red underline means a spelling error.

As I scroll up this post I see a number of things are underlined. There are a few “passive voice” warnings underlined in green (which I’m apparently horrible about). I also see a number of “complex expression” underlined in blue.

This is awesome.

Having this enabled is really going to help my writing!

In Closing

If you are looking for an easy way to automatically check spelling and grammar, I recommend you check out this Jetpack feature. It will improve your writing, which will improve your reader experience, which might also improve your SERP results. Win, win, win!

Do you use this Jetpack feature? If not, is there something else you use? Also, are there other Jetpack features you use and would recommend?


Brad Kingsley

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