How to add transcribed YouTube text to a WordPress blog post

Do you want to add transcribed YourTube text to a WordPress page or post?

YouTube videos are awesome. Especially for how-to and walk-through topics like we cover often here at

To fully leverage YouTube videos though it’s nice to have the transcribed text available on the page or post that shows the video.


Well, some people just don’t love video formats. They’d rather quickly scroll through the text of the video to find out if it really covers the topic they’re hoping.

Also, having the transcribed text can help with the SEO (search engine optimization). It gives additional text to the page that Google (and other search engines) can index and include in their algorithms. This additional content should help with your page rankings, in addition to improving visitor experience.

Add the right plugin first

I have a video that shows the exact – fast and easy – steps to grab YouTube transcription text and add it to your webpage. First though, let’s install a WordPress plugin that will make the transcribed text more visually appealing.

The WordPress plugin I’m using is Toggles Shortcode and Widget. Here is what it looks like in the plugins search results:

Add YouTube Transcript to webpage

Before installing it I selected More Details (from the image above) to make sure it did what I wanted. Here are the details showing some sample screenshots:

Add YouTube transcription to a WordPress page

Go ahead and install that plugin and activate it.

OK. Now, you’re ready for the video.

This video shows how to grab the transcribed text from a YouTube video, adjust the formatting to make it more usable, then add that text to a WordPress post or page in a visually appealing way.

Add YouTube transcribed video to a WordPress site

Now, here is the transcript of the video – added using the exact steps I demonstrate in the video above….

Video Transcript

in this video I’m going to do a walkthrough of how to capture a transcription of a video from YouTube now there’s a couple of reasons you want to do this sometimes people don’t necessarily want to watch an entire video maybe they don’t like the sound of the person that’s speaking hopefully you guys don’t mind my voice am i speaking mannerisms if you will additionally though it can help with search engine optimization because it’s going to give you some additional text onto your website Google will index all of that text granted transcriptions at least automatic transcriptions where you’re getting this for free and not paying somebody to listen and type are going to be short on grammatical punctuation spelling and some words you’re going to occasionally be transcribed wrong but the general gist of the situation and most of the words spoken in the video are going to come through properly so having that text into your website is a nice feature both for your website visitors and also for search engine optimization this is something that I’ve just been messing with honestly the last few days but I found a really nice solution to be able to do this so I wanted to share it with you guys when I was looking online for solutions on how to do this I really could not find anything nearly as simple as the solution that I found already so without further ado let’s go through this a little bit this is a blog post that I wrote May th you can see and in this blog post I have a YouTube video in the YouTube video it’s another walkthrough so they’re as audio over top of it where I’m talking through the situation as I do that and I wanted to go ahead and transcribe that and I want to include it at the bottom of my web post here so the first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to actually open this video YouTube video in another browser tab don’t want to actually watch the video but I’m going to turn on the closed caption and it actually has automatically created subtitles after I uploaded the video I didn’t do anything special for that to happen the more actions button here next to share click on that and then click on transcribe and then boom all of the text that was spoken during the video is going to show up there unfortunately though there’s not a good way to just download all of that text so here’s the process that I’ve been using I’m going to do command a to select everything on the page command C to copy all of that text it’s literally copying the entire webpage I’m going to open up Microsoft Word here on my Mac and I’m going to paste but I’m going to paste special if you just do a regular paste it’s going to paste all of the HTML formatting and it’s going to be an absolute mess so paste special unformatted text click OK and boom so all of the text from that page has been pasted into this word document now I’m going to delete the text that I don’t want just go ahead and highlight that you can see with the numbers here this is the actual text from the video the numbers are the counters of when in the video that text is happening so I’m going to delete this text at the top here also so this is not super great I mean it’s got the numbers in the formatting I want to get rid of those numbers so what I’m going to do here it’s a little bit off the screen where you can’t see it but I’m going to click Edit up the top find and then replace what I want to replace first I want to replace the numbers one with nothing so basically that’s taking it out number one do the same thing number two five six eight the nines and zeros okay so now you can see that we’re left with the actual transcription text and then colons so now I want to get rid of the colons but I don’t want to just remove the colons I want to actually replace those colons with a space place all so the reason that I do that is once I put this on the webpage if I didn’t have a space at the beginning here all this text would get smashed in together so the words setting because there’s no space at the end of this we’d smash in together with n so I’d be s ET TI ng I n all one word if there wasn’t a space there so putting in the space helps with a little bit of the formatting you can see it’s totally lacking in punctuation but it is what it is I’m not aware of a service that will actually punctuate it properly without paying somebody you could go to Fiverr or hire a contractor or somebody that will actually listen to the video type it up in that case I’ll have punctuation of course and capitalization and all that other stuff but I’m looking for a free solution here most of the people I’m hoping you’re going to watch the video just like you’re watching the video right now so command a then I’m going to copy this text so let’s go back to my webpage so this is the webpage I’m going to edit the page and I want to have the transcribed text show up at the bottom down here at the very bottom now there’s a plug-in that I already installed let’s jump over that real quick for you so for plugins and it’s actually called toggles shortcode and widgets alright so I installed that plug-in and activated it what it allows me to do is it creates another little option here in the menu for editing I’m going to insert a toggle content toggle shortcode title is going to be video transcript the content I’m just going to paste the text that I copied from the word document a couple extra character turns at the end there I’ll get rid of it by default I want it closed which is a really this is just for the benefit of people that want to quickly scroll through the text and again for search engine optimization I don’t want it automatically expand it the icon you don’t have to pick an icon but I’m just going to go ahead and do YouTube it’s a little picture of a video icon there and that’s it click insert update the page go ahead and view the post so everything looks pretty much the same got the video down here at the bottom though you can see I’ve got video transcript and somebody can click on it boom all the text from the video shows up there expand it collapse it whatever you want to so somebody that wants to just quickly read through the text can search engines will find that text they will actually index it hopefully assuming you’re talking about the same topic that you’re writing about in the blog post that text is going to get mixed in with your other text from a search engine perspective it’s going to give you high priority possibly higher rankings and it’s going to work out to your benefit hopefully this was useful I know that I would have loved to have found something this simple to just be able to quickly transcribe and update my blog posts with the text from the videos that I’m creating only taking a couple of minutes I didn’t find a solution so hopefully this will be helpful to you happy blogging

I hope you found this useful!

Brad Kingsley


  1. My question is will this hurt your page ranking at all? Will Google look at your text as copied content since it on youtube transcription? Please let me know there is a bunch of great content that can be edited for blog post on youtube.

    • No one knows for sure how Google operates, and it seems they change every so often, but it doesn’t seem currently that transcriptions will hurt SEO. In fact, it can help to have those additional keywords on the site. Just make sure it isn’t keyword stuffing, and that the language sounds natural.

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