How to send email when someone replies to a comment in WordPress

Comments on WordPress posts don’t need to be one-way. In fact, they shouldn’t be! It’s an opportunity for discussion within your community. Don’t miss out on this great, and easy, way to improve engagement and traffic to your site.

Send email when someone replies to comments

Enhance WordPress site engagement

I love it when I read a post, decide to comment, then see they have an option to get an email notification of any further replies to MY comment. If someone asks for clarification or shares a thought – I want to know!

WordPress doesn’t do this by default though.

With the default installation visitors need to check – over and over – to see if there have been any replies to their comments.

There is a solution with JetPack, but I don’t love it. In fact, I don’t even like it.

Why I don’t love JetPack for this

JetPack has some neat functionality but one of it’s major functions is to allow people to subscribe to your blog posts. It will handle this automatically by building it’s own list.

I don’t want JetPack to build a list though. I want to build my own list and have full control over it. Setting up a mailing list for your site isn’t hard at all. It can also be done for free! Set up your list then it’s easy enough to configure automatic email notification of new blog posts for subscribers.

If you turn on JetPack it will highjack this feature for you. So you can’t let it handle comment replies without also losing control over your mailing list. No good.

A better comment reply solution

Thankfully I found a great plugin that handles this functionality – for free.

It works great so it you’re looking to add this same functionality, you should definitely give this a try.

The plugin is named Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. It’s an easy install – like most WordPress plugins.

There are quite a few configuration options but really only a couple that you need to even mess with.

Check out theĀ video below which has an installation walkthrough and then very basic configuration of the plugin.

Video walkthrough: Install and configure Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Video Transcript

I don’t know about you but when I’m commenting on someone else’s blog I like the ability to be able to get notifications if the author of that blog responds to my comments I think this is a great way to build some community interaction it increases obviously the time on the website because people are going to come back to read the comments and respond to the comments I just think it’s just a very good experience overall this is not functionality that’s built into WordPress by default you can install jetpack and that will give you one option for that I’m not a huge fan of jetpack jetpack largely because when somebody wants to subscribe to your blog jetpack is going to handle that itself when I want people to subscribe to my blog I want to actually add them to my mailing list so that I’ve got total control and flexibility to be able to communicate with my community however I want whenever I want etc obviously I’m not going to spam them but I want to have better control over the format of the emails when the emails are sent those kind of things so I don’t love jetpack for that type of functionality to enable jetpack to do the replies to the comments emails it is also going to automatically enable the subscribe to the blog so we’re going to avoid that what there is there is there’s another plugin and it’s actually called subscribe to comments reloaded I believe let’s go ahead and look for that right now and stop so we’re going to add a new plug-in subscribe to Thomas ok subscribe to comments reloaded that’s the one we want we’re going to go ahead and install that right now this should give people the ability to either get no email notifications or they can get an email notification if somebody replies to their comments specifically or they can get an email notification if there are any comments at all additional on the blog post perhaps they’re just curious what other people comment we’re going to activate the plug-in and then see where it went I’m sure so let’s go ahead and click settings from here well there it is STC RS what it added there okay so let’s dismiss that one notification for right now so we want to have the drop-down box shown that’s true one will allow safe uninstall so if somebody you the owner of the website decides to uninstall it later you won’t lose your subscriber base if somebody makes a request for a pending subscription and it’s not confirmed this will automatically delete them there’s a couple of different things here let’s see this option to enable subscription box above the submit button I think we probably want it to be below tell you what let’s just real quickly see what this is done by default so I’m going to go over to the home page of the blog pick one of the recent blog posts scroll down to the comments section ok because I’m logged in as a C let’s do an incognito window because it already recognizes me so going in as somebody not recognized blog go to one of the posts scroll down let’s see what the experience looks like here we go so now we have the normal comment section but additionally we have this check box to notify you of follow-up comments looks like you can also subscribe to the comments without commenting in feature so let’s get out of there go back to these features here we did look at the comment form in the settings looks like we can customize the information here all right advanced subscription I think that might be the functionality that I was looking for there so this says it allows to choose from different types of subscriptions so now let’s open another and cut you though window and see what might look different there take a blog post hold down the bottom new what perhaps I didn’t save yep Save Changes there we go let’s come back over here refresh the page there we go now there’s an actual drop-down box so people can reply subscribe to just replies which I love that’s my favorite feature all comments or don’t subscribe at all and by default that’s going to be replies to my comments I really think your site visitors are going to enjoy this and it’s just going to provide a better experience and should provide some more traffic over to your website enjoy

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