How to remove the www from your WordPress site’s domain (plus video walkthrough)

Personally I think the www. before domain names is nothing but waste. It’s extra typing for the users and it makes the site domain longer than it needs to be. Because I feel this way I prefer to change my WordPress site settings so that the domain default is JUST the domain – without the “www.” in front of it.

Before making any default domain changes in WordPress

This is very important: Before you make changes in WordPress, make sure you have already made any necessary changes in your DNS control panel. If you change WordPress to default load on a domain that isn’t properly pointing to the site, you likely take your site offline. That is of course very very bad.

I already wrote on this topic and provided a short video walkthrough of how I manage the DNS settings for my own domain. Check out that post if you aren’t 100% sure you have your DNS set up properly to support a domain change in WordPress.

Here’s how to remove the www from your WordPress site’s domain

The following short video is a walkthrough of me performing the task for this site specifically. It’s super-easy to do but sometimes it is better to watch someone else do it first. The video is about 3 minutes long, but the actual change takes just seconds.

The basic steps to change the default WordPress domain are…

It really is simple. But for someone that is just getting started with WordPress, this will definitely save some time!

OK. Go into your WordPress administrative area. Then navigate to Settings->General.

From that page look for these two sections:

  • WordPress Address (URL)
  • Site Address (URL)

Whenever I update my WordPress default domain I make sure to change both of those sites. In my opinion there are few good reasons for those to ever not match.

By default when WordPress installs you’ll likely notice those entries will both contain text in the format of: http://www.<YourDomain>.com. And that’s totally fine! There is no reason you need to make any change away from that default.

Personally though I’m not a fan of the www. at the start of my domains. It’s fine for other people – I just feel shorter and easier to type is better.

So what I do is to adjust those two entries to essentially the same thing but without the “www.” So the new entires are both going to look like: http://<YourDomain>.com after the change.

After you save the WordPress changes

After you make the change, scroll down to the bottom of the page and save the changes.

Chances are (“always” as far as I know) you will be logged out and asked to log in again. Don’t worry! This is expected.

The reason this happens is that the domain name just changed. Previously you were logged into the site as www.<YourDomain>.com and now you are logging in as <YourDomain>.com. WordPress see this as a different site (as does Google and every other source on the Internet). Since this is technically seen as a different site, WordPress is going to ask you to log on again.

Log on and everything will look just as you expect. The only difference is now that the URL in your browser will be different, and you’ll notice that one setting is different.

If you go to your website now you should notice that the site loads without the www. at the beginning. In fact, if you enter the www. WordPress should redirect you to the “correct” version of the site – whatever default you told it to use.

That’s all folks! I hope you found this useful. Happy hosting!

Video Transcript

Brad here again today we’re going to look at making a change to how the website loads and what specifically what version of the domain name if you will on a previous post I talked about how you can configure your domain name service so that just your domain name will load up the site or wwm a name we’ll look at the site or anything you want dot domain name com will load up the website personally I’m not a huge fan of the WW you can see that right now before we make any changes I’ve got the WWE loading up the site here I in my opinion is just for extra characters you know ww and then the dot that needs to be typed it’s really unnecessary in today’s world so I like to disable that on all of my website so that people can just type in the domain name and that’ll load it properly so let’s switch over to the tab that has the dashboard for this website I’m going to go down to settings in general we’re using the fashionistas theme so what you see in a couple of different places on the website here might be slightly different than what is in your own administrative interface but this page here really should be the same so WordPress address and the site address these are the two places that WordPress user to control what domain name is presented when somebody goes to your website so right now somebody types in that exact domain name they’re going to go to the website so we’re going to change that and remove the dot ww so just WP blog today calm for both these two entries it’s going to tell WordPress that that’s we want to be the primary domain name when somebody comes to the website I’m going to scroll down save the changes okay now notice it’s making me log in again and the reason is that it automatically redirected to a version of the website that and have the WW at the beginning of we’re going to go ahead and log in and we’re back in now let’s change the tab and go back over to the website refresh this and boom it’s automatically starting to use just the domain name without WW so let’s just click on a couple of things and you’ll notice it keeps that domain name nice and short and clean in my opinion it’s just a little bit easier to deal with and looks a little bit better so there you go I hope that’s useful

Brad Kingsley


  1. This is perfect! I like this a lot, the step by steps are very useful and easy to follow 🙂

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