How to change WordPress themes | Plus a video walkthrough

I just changed the theme on the site (May 2017) from Customizr to Fashionista. I was looking for a site with good use of whitespace and a few different features. I stumbled onto the Fashionista theme option a few days ago and wanted to give it a spin.

A lot of beginners to WordPress wonder how to change WordPress themes. So to help explain the exact steps and show just how easy it is, I recorded a short (5 minute) video of me performing the update.

How to change WordPress themes video

This is the first screen recording video we’ve done. The intent is to do a lot more though. Short video walkthroughs of how to perform certain functions within WordPress tend to be much easier to understand that long blog posts with images.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy blogging!

Video Transcript

Hey Brad here from WP blog today calm right now we’re going to look at changing the theme that we’re running on the site currently it’s running the customizer a theme you click over the tab and show you we’ve got going on here today most of what is going on here with the site before the change is really the demo data that was included with the theme the only change that we’ve made homepage so far is this text down here at the bottom it’s not a horrible theme I don’t love some of the things about it though click over to the blog and check out the format here ladies blogs are structured then clicking on the blogs just some of the layout some of the colors some of the options that you have in this just not ideal for what I’m looking for we’re actually looking around for some WordPress themes that we’re still responsive means it’s going to adapt whatever screen size it’s going to look good on mobile it’s going to look good on a desktop and look good on an iPad whatever but also has a really good use of white space white space is pretty important now it makes a lot of your pages and posts easier for your viewers to read and you’re going to just get better time on your site people are going to click over to your posts and if they can actually read the information better and it’s more visually appealing they’re going to stay on the site a little bit longer so a theme that I found recently is called fashionista but that’s the one that we’re going to activate today so inside of your WordPress administrative page we’re going to go down to appearance and then themes currently I already have the fashionista theme installed because I was playing with a little bit earlier you can see that customizer is active right now it actually shows that it’s active if you don’t already have fashionista installed what you likely don’t you would click add new in the search themes box – arista and then on the result here you just click on install and then you can click on activate currently we’ve done installed we have not activated yet so we’re going to go back to themes you can see that it’s installed I’m going to go ahead and click activate just like that WordPress has activated the new theme we’re going to switch back over to this other tab and I’m going to go to the home page you’ll notice immediately the home page looks different it’s got the new theme skinning there aren’t any errors or problems that we need to fix here I do see that the home page has a sidebar over on the right-hand side and may or may not keep that to me this is just a little bit easier to read it’s a little bit more visually appealing when click over to the blog and show what’s going on with the blog I like this blog summary format where it’s automatically going to pull a little bit of the first part of the blog post and then it’s going to have continued reading by default somebody can click on that to go finish reading the rest of it as the title of the blog post a little bit of metadata with the publish date the author the ability to leave a comment and then it also has the category these widgets over here in the sidebar nice we’ll probably go over time go look at those individually and customizing things like that I’m sure with this sample pages okay so this is a sample page just came with a theme we’ll probably delete that no need to have that sitting there and here’s the home all right so let’s click through to one of the blog posts actually I just think this is a really good use of blog excuse me of white space you might look at some of the font and the font size things that we can optimize this over time but really I just wanted to step through how incredibly easy it is to be able to switch themes in fact let’s go back here and just for the heck of it well activate this theme called just click activate you can see that WordPress says new theme is activated go back over to the site refresh the page and then theme has been changed there we go then we’re going to click over to the blog posts so this is just one of the many reasons that WordPress is awesome your ability to be able to change the themes immediately get some change in some layout and functionality often very quickly and easily to be able to take care of these things and its really low risk so we’re going to refresh here’s we’re back to our old theme again go back to the home page that’s it if you have any questions let us know in the comments and we’ll help answer them as necessary

Brad Kingsley

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